6 strong commitments for a unique user experience

Our role as a hotel booking solution is to personalize our expertise to fit your business travel needs, guaranteeing the success of your hotel management project.

Our solution and services have been developed to fulfill all of your requirements and continue to evolve with your company.

We are dedicated to providing a positive experience to everyone within your company and make the following 6 commitments to you


Providing accommodation content that complies 100% with your company's rules

We guarantee that our product will be fully adapted to your travelers' & company travel policy requirements.

With over 50 Million rooms worldwide, our solution will always provide you with the right room, at the right price, in the right place.

Guaranteeing best-buy prices at the time of booking

We secure the best prices by working closely with reliable suppliers covering the full distribution spectrum: local independent hotels to international hotel chain groups, Global Distribution System, key wholesalers to major travel agencies.

Accessing +100 dependable sources within the above key supply categories, ensures static and dynamic rates, the public rate and rates negotiated by Hcorpo especially for your company.

Delivering smooth business trips and 100% traveler satisfaction

Our homogeneous cancellation policy, pre-arrival reservation quality control, efficient accommodation payment, express check in and check out and 24/7 traveler assistance, contribute to reaching constant delivery satisfaction before, during and after each trip.

Our services are designed to satisfy while ensuring the comfort and safety of your travelers, we have an 83% adoption rate and 1% incident rate.

Ensuring a seamless process from reservation to accounting integration

We ensure full process compliance by optimizing integration and easing reconciliation. Creating personalized financial processes that ensure simple automatic accounting, unique to your company. We provide certified PCI DSS payment processing for your hotel bookings. With centralized invoices and full data conformity to harmonize your accounting processes. We offer you the possibility to combine several payment methods.

100% of reservations are conform with your travel policy. 100% cost match from reservation, to invoice, to integration, to payment.

Maintaining a solution built to evolve over time according to your company’s needs

Our agile culture, allows us to be flexible while we accompany you on the whole chain of the journey. We have advanced and scalable integrations with all the key systems from order mission, self-booking tools, travel management companies, risk management payment methods, dematerialization.

As we have 100% ownership of our powerful and adaptable technology, we can adapt to your company's growth whilst respecting your organization.

Giving professional human contact throughout the partnership

We have a dedicated team, who are all experts in their field to ensure a successful user experience. We accompany you with every step of your project so that it will be a success. Our knowledge of the corporate ecosystem will ensure that you choose the best solution for your company.

It’s our understanding of corporate travel combined with our desire to create an experience that make us different.

Let's go further together