Hcorpo is a hotel booking platform designed for

Hcorpo has been accompanying companies with their hotel travel management for over 10 years.

Fully integrated within the corporate ecosystem, our solution adapts to your company’s travel expectations.

Hcorpo is a hotel booking platform designed for

Hcorpo has been accompanying companies with their hotel travel management for over 10 years.

Fully integrated within the corporate ecosystem, our solution adapts to your company’s travel expectations.


the trusted hotel solution

No matter how you desire to manage your hotel travel, we will provide you with our expertise, an efficient solution, and high value services, all within the environment that works for your company.

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Hcorpo has 6 commitments of service

Combining flexible solutions and reliable service, we are 100% committed to providing you and your collaborators with the best experience.

We are unique in making commitments adapted to each of our clients. Why do we promise to deliver these strong commitments? Because our SLAs make the difference for our clients every day.

01. Travel policy respect

02. Best buy prices

03. Traveler satisfaction

04. Seamless process

05. Evolving solution

06. Dedicated teams

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Trust us for the simplicity and smooth usage of the solution

“The large hotel inventory and varied filters ensure I find exactly what I’m looking for, which like the touchless check-in & check-out helps me save a lot of time with my work trips. The voucher based centralized payment from my company is a huge relief as I never have to advance my own money and loose time claiming expenses. It’s rare that I have needed to contact the customer service line but as it’s 24 /7 and always in my native tongue, I leave with peace of mind on every trip.”

Employee, International agency within Health Sector

Travel Managers & Buyers,

Trust us for commercial guidance and our corporate expertise

“It’s a pleasure to work with people who are experts in their field and manage all of my needs in a harmonious manner. The fact that we can geolocate our travelers helps to simplify the security measures we need in place for our employees to ensure our duty of care.

The large choice of offers available within the platform really boosts compliance, as our employees have a lot of choice within their travel policy. Personally, I appreciate the data monitoring tool, which enables me to manage travel expenses without spending hours in front of Excel with endless calculations.”

Buyer, International group within Cosmetics Industry


Financial Managers,

Trust us for the transparency and efficiency of the solution

“My company’s hotel spend represents 24% of our travel budget, simple payment, invoicing, and reconciliation processes are essential for us. In addition to being intuitive and simple for my team and I to use, the solution has increased our efficiency.

The transparency with our company wide hotel spend combined with the personalized data monitoring tool, allow us to track our spending at all levels and keep in budget. We can pilot spending and track payments fluidly which frees up a lot of our time for other key subjects.”

Financial Director, French Supermarket Group


Trust our unique position and 360° connectivity within

the corporate travel ecosystem to guarantee the success of your hotel project

Technological partners

An exchange of know-how and expertise delivering seamless integration of our hotel solution within 100% of self-booking tools available. Also with any other 3rd party security, travel expenses, dematerialization, geolocation, HR, or artificial intelligence tool you may need.

Travel Agency partners

An alliance to create the most service possible for customers.

Financial partners

A multitude of corporate payment options allowing you to choose the perfect solution for your company.

Travel Industry partners

Influential partners collaborating with us to proactively improve the world of corporate travel for you.

Loyalty partners

Providing your company and your travelers with additional value.