H-Carbon : Hcorpo new feature

Quantify the carbon footprint of your hotel stays!

In response to the climate emergency, more and more companies are concerned about the impact of their operations on the environment and want to move toward a more sustainable model. At the same time, as investors and other stakeholders demand action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, companies are seeking ways to understand and manage their carbon footprint.

At Hcorpo, we believe that each player has the power to contribute, at its own level, to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. We are also aware that Business Travel makes up a significant part of a company’s carbon footprint and that the hotel sector, like rail and air travel, should not be neglected. This is why we have developed H-Carbon, a new feature that helps companies quantify the emissions generated by their employees’ hotel stays.


A calculation method developed by the hotel industry

To support its clients in their journey, Hcorpo has chosen to rely on the expertise of Greenview, the world’s leading provider of sustainability programs and data management for the hospitality and tourism sector.

The Greenview Hotel Footprinting Tool is based in part on the Cornell Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking Index. This industry-led global data collection and benchmarking initiative takes into account factors such as energy, water, and carbon emissions from over thousands of hotels around the world.

Using real data supplied by the industry’s global benchmarking index, Hcorpo teams are able to provide their clients with a robust estimate of the carbon footprint of their hotel nights, directly in their monthly reporting.



A feature that is part of CSR approach

In addition to providing clients with regular visibility of their business travel’s carbon footprint, the information provided by Hcorpo can be used for GHG protocol Scope 3 reporting and offsetting (upstream and downstream supply chain emissions).

This new feature adds to the list of many other value-added services that Hcorpo offers its clients to help them achieve their CSR goals. Feel Safe and Feel Green filters, Stay Green label, traveler geolocation service, quick view on hotels with electric car charging station or hotels able to welcome Persons with reduced mobility…and many more!

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